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A Tale Of 4 Birds ~ ...

A Tale Of 4 Birds ~ Wild Tenderness Part 3 ~ Customizable Art Pendants

~Wild Tenderness Release (part 3) happens next Thursday~Customizable Pendants are back!  A Tale of 4 Birds. Last Year at this time I wrote to you about a Robin that crashed into my window and died in my hands. Read the story and see the painting that he inspired. Shortly after, I created the Wild Tenderness Collection and 16 […]

Floating with Deep H...

The last couple weeks have flown by so steadily. I am floating between custom paintings, creating new art, packing orders, making three hot meals a day for my family… family walks, and sometimes getting laundry done.  How are you doing? Are you floating? If so, you aren’t floating alone. There is a part of me […]

Birthstone Pendants ...

Birthstone Pendants & Ornaments for Holiday Gifts

Something special for 2020 – something vibrant and gorgeous to brighten up all of our days. Having these bright keepsakes around my studio has brought in so much light. I’ve really adored designing these for you. Birthstone-themed customizable glass art pendants and ornaments are ready! 1) Go get your pendant and ornament2) Choose your number of children3) Choose your birthstone (or favorite!) color4) […]

Here & Now, Calendar

Here & Now, Calendars & Care Packages

Last week’s Here & Now Collection release was awesome! See all of the girls here! Most originals have sold and many prints are available. My FAVORITE painting is still available, can you guess which one it is? Maybe she’ll be your favorite, too 🙂 Did the one you want already sell? I will create a new original […]

The Here & Now Colle

It’s almost time! The new paintings will be released tonite! I will send you an email at 630 PM PST, as a reminder. Here & Now: the past is ashesA new original painting collection by Katie m. Berggrento be released Thursday, October 29, at 630pm PSTright here: www.Shop.KmBerggren.com I have 12 paintings to share with you […]

The Here & Now Colle

thank you for following along with my new work. I’ve been sharing these pieces on Instagram Stories and I have loved the feedback and inspiration! Here & Now: the past is ashes A new original painting collection by Katie m. Berggren to be released Thursday, October 29, at 630pm PST right here: www.Shop.KmBerggren.com October is “INKtober” and […]

Customizable Colorfu...

Customizable Colorful Pendants & Ornaments are here!

I’ve been wanting to bring you something special for 2020 – something vibrant and gorgeous to brighten up all of our days. Having these keepsakes around has brought LIFE into my studio! I’ve adored designing them for you. Birthstone-Themed Customizable Glass Art Pendants and Customizable Ornaments/Medallions are ready NOW! 1) Find the Glass Art Pendants at Shop.KmBerggren.com2) […]

Inktober, Babywearin...

October is Inktober. This is my 4th year of Inktober which means I will be posting daily ink drawings to my Instagram Stories (I’ve already posted today’s ink!!). I sometimes give the art away with orders. These ink drawings often inspire new paintings. Here’s a sampling of last years inks: This is also International Babywearing Week – thus, […]