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Always the Emotion F...

Always the Emotion First ~ The Next Three (and LAST Three *gasp*) 10×10 Originals for The Forty Minis Collection ~ Free Cards Winner

There are 3 left… three final 10×10’s for The Forty Minis Collection. I won’t kid you and tell you that I am going to start a new collection of small paintings directly after – because I’m not. I’m exhausted of small paintings. I’m ready to work on the big ones ~ the big paintings that […]

Prints of the 8×8 Co

Prints of the 8×8 Collection – it’s time

Dear wonderful supporters, buyers, collectors, fans, friends, family and silent anonymous readers & viewers (whom I’m looking forward to meeting) ~ Throughout the process of releasing the 85 8x8s Collection (February – October 2009), I received numerous emails from those who’d missed the opportunity to purchase a certain original as to whether or not I […]