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Sparkle: Particles o...

Sparkle: Particles of Love ~ Early Inspirations ~ A Journey

There are aspects of my paintings that make them true creations of my heart. Elements & techniques I remember discovering, that grew from solo quiet time with my canvases in my studio, and my ah-ha moments. ALL of the elements of my painting style grew from my hours of paint and solitude, sprinkled generously with music and […]

Painting On Purpose ...

Painting On Purpose ~ to Shelter the Unhoused

It’s that time again! The 4th Annual Painting On Purpose (POP) painting is in process! YOU helped me choose the sketch for the 2018 Painting On Purpose project (on Facebook & Instagram), and now I’ve chosen the organization to receive the funds: COMMUNITY ROOTS COLLABORATIVE!   Here’s the AWESOME PART: ALL of the money from the […]