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the Mindful Motherin...

the Mindful Mothering Project ~ I’ve chosen another photo!

I’ve chosen my FOURTH photo for the Mindful Mothering Project ~ and I look forward to sharing progress with you, as I create an intimate motherhood painting on canvas, inspired by this lovely photo submitted by Suzanne. You can follow along with the process of this piece over on the Facebook Fan Page ~ and […]

Attachment ~ The For...

Attachment ~ The Forty Minis Collection continues into 2010

The Forty Minis Collection continues into 2010 with Attachment, the sixth painting in the collection. Affection ~ Being there when needed, answering the call, anticipating the need, providing solutions, offering warmth and touch, an ear and a gentle heart… ~ Detail of Affection Detail of Affection Detail of Affection Find this brand new painting and […]

Moving Into Spring

Moving Into Spring

In general, I love to freeze time – to stop it in its tracks with one elegant moment. This day, I am thinking movement, confidence, glee and swinging hips – could it be the music or that it is the first day of Spring? I’ve begun two new 16×20″ paintings (left) the one on the […]