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The Forty Minis Coll...

The Forty Minis Collection – Beginning Thursday December 3

Beginning Thursday morning, December 3, 2009… FORTY (40) 10×10″ paintings will begin to be released ~ ONE per Thursday morning until the Collection is complete. This is the sister collection to the 85 8x8s for $85 Collection that ran from the first Thursday in February through the last Thursday in October. See the 85 8×8 […]

Charms in Progress –

Charms in Progress – 1st Giclee Tomorrow Morning – December Plans

Good evening! Stand-by, the first Giclee release is TOMORROW MORNING!! Stay tuned to the Giclee page in the Online Esy Shop if you’d like to grab one! (PSSSTTTT…. it’s Linger) ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Today, my boys and I were playing at the park ~ goofing off and channelling Superman from the swings… a Daddy and his (cutest […]