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Good Kid – Bad Kid

Sacred Space by Katie m. Berggren

“mama loves you baby, so much ~ you’re gonna have the sweetest dreams….” I’m not the mom who tells my children they are “good boys”. And I’ve never told my children they are “bad”. Just like there is no black paint in my studio, the word “bad” just doesn’t come up when I’m talking to […]

The 2nd Annual Carni...

The 2nd Annual Carnival Of Gentle Discipline ~ Parenting Gently ~ Free Cards Winner

ParentingGently.com is hosting The 2nd Annual Carnival Of Gentle Discipline! presented by BabyDustDiaries.com The ParentingGently.com site is a safe place to share gentle parenting questions and answers from parents, and the carnival includes fresh new viewpoints on Gentle Discipline, as well as giveaways. I, personally, am giving away a couple of 8×10 prints. I am […]