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Take A Moment: Chaos...

Take A Moment: Chaos ~ & a new mini painting

Hi there~ Recently, I asked the wise mamas on Facebook how they keep their homes out of Chaos. Here’s the scoop: small cleaning bursts throughout the day vs. a full day of cleaning; minimizing possessions to simplify (my personal fave); meal planning; cleaning one room per day; and also important: lowering our standards ~ sounds […]

A DIY Fall Mama Thin...

A DIY Fall Mama Thing

Lately, some moments that have thrilled me have been those where I take homemade frozen cookie dobs out of the freezer and bake them up for fresh cookies ~ even at 8 in the morning before packing the lunch boxes! Where I realize that for one full year now I have been making my own […]

2 New 8×8 Paintings

2 New 8×8 Paintings Released This Morning! Free Cards Friday is Tomorrow!

Happy October! This week, I was feeling whimsical in designing the two newest paintings in the 85 8x8s for $85 Collection 🙂 Collecting Leaves – I’m in a whimsical Fall mood as the weather changes, the leaves fly, the fat drops fall from the sky. My littlest son loves to collects leaves – always with […]

2 New 8x8s Have Been...

2 New 8x8s Have Been Released, Happy Fall!

Happy Thursday morning! I love Fall. Fresh, crisp, windy ~ gold and yellow… I hope you are enjoying a beautiful Fall morning. Two New (each with two children!) 8×8 Paintings have just been added to the – 85 8x8s for $85 Collection Time In ~… how can a time-out work without plenty of time in? […]