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Take A Moment: DeClu...

Take A Moment: DeCluttering… and a New Mini Cosleeping Painting

Let’s talk clutter… do we realize just *how much* the stuff around us, as innocent as it may seem… can suck away our energy? Not to mention the time of moving, re-shifting, working-around the stuff. If we can just clear ONE space in our home, be it our master bathroom, bedroom, office (even just the […]

The Everyday Connect...

The Everyday Connection Collection ~ 20 paintings so far

The Everyday Connection Collection has been in full swing for three months with an original 8×8″ one-of-a-kind painting released every Thursday morning. This has been so fun and I have loved the connection that these paintings are creating between other mothers on Facebook. There have been 20 paintings released so far and a few of […]