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Closing Gaps & Recom

Closing Gaps & Recommend A Charity for 2017’s Gift

Happy New Year! Do you make resolutions? I don’t ~ but I DO set intentions throughout the year. A recent intention I have set is to Close The Gaps ~ “gaps” are what I call those ‘lost’ moments between activities – moments usually sucked up by my phone, namely Instagram. I just love looking at […]

Painting Inspiration...

Painting Inspiration | Painting Is Queen ~ who is your queen?

  In my studio, especially when I’m alone, painting reigns supreme. “WHY did you WRITE on our WALL?!!” my little ones asked incredulously “And in PERMANENT marker!!” “Because”, I say, “I sometimes find myself floating, wasting time and forgetting where my energy should be dedicated. So my note reminds me. I got the urge to […]

Laughter & Hold Fast

Laughter & Hold Fast – 2 New 8×8" Paintings – 80 Already!?

First, I must say, this has been a very interactive nine months for me… producing these sweet little paintings and sending them out into the world like a mama spider – her babies floating away on tiny web pinwheels… We’ve reached 80 8x8s already – can you believe it? Today’s paintings are helping me to […]