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the “done” list ~ a

the “done” list ~ a new mermaid painting

Inspiration from Jurgen Wolff: If your days seem to disappear, start a “done” list to find out where they go. I use a to-do list, daily, but things come up that aren’t on the list. At the end of busy days I wonder where the time went… Not very many of the items on my list have […]

One Year Ago While P...

One Year Ago While Painting Motherhood: Kids & Creativity

One Year Ago While Painting Motherhood: Kids & Creativity, Inspiration from Jurgen Wolff A study at the College of William and Mary found that today’s children are less creative, less humorous, less imaginative and less able to elaborate on ideas than the kids who came before them. The study took into account about 300,000 creativity […]

a quick inspiration ...

a quick inspiration from Jurgen Wolff

borrowed from Jurgen Wolff’s newsletter: www.jurgenwolff.com “Do you have a list of what you hope to achieve? One format that is a good model is what Kevin Roberts (Saatchi &Saatchi) calls his 100 Day Plans. These consist of ten items, each starting with a verb and containing no more than three words. Some examples: Reach […]