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The Birth Story of P...

The Birth Story of Promise

In 2009 my oldest son was preparing for kindergarten and along with the anticipation and excitement (and adjustments), came a whole rush of emotions for mama. A whole rush of anxiety and second-guesses. Here are the words scrawled into my sketchbook journal, as I was creating Promise in the studio: I’ve loved the concept of the […]

2 New 8×8 Paintings

2 New 8×8 Paintings – Tomorrow’s Event!

Painting everyday continues to be my vow – and these daily sessions are now more important to me than ever before… while the family sleeps, Mommy renews, like most mothers I know, in one way or another… Two New 8×8 Paintings have just been added to the 85 8x8s for $85 Collection – https://www.kmberggren.com/portfolio-85-85.htm -Memory […]