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Silver Linings ~ New...

This weird time… where we are washing our grocery packages, wearing masks, and looking at each other a little differently. I find myself both forgetting and walking to close to people, and moments later side-eyeing people who are walking too close to me! Good grief! I have found some personal silver linings in this storm, […]

The Wild Tenderness ...

The Wild Tenderness Collection ~ Yay!

UPDATE: Most of the paintings have sold, but not all of them! You can also get lovely print collections of the series: It’s now time, thank you for your patience and your excitement (I’ve loved hearing from you!!) … the Wild Tenderness Collection is READY!! You’ll find the paintings I’ve showed you PLUS some surprises, […]

Before & After: This

Before & After: This Moment Between Us

She is complete (again). In 2014 I first completed This Moment Between Us inspired by my pure love for bedtime moments with my 10-year old son. Here is how she looked, and I loved her: BUT… I felt there was something that she needed… I put her away for years, and moved on with other […]