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new rainbow baby pai...

new rainbow baby painting ~ studio update

About painting: this is more than just a job… More than a hobby. Painting gets me up in the morning and keeps me up at night. Mojo flows more smoothly at night, but I love this craft at any time of day. And I’ll take a chance to paint when and where I can 🙂 […]

new mini painting &

new mini painting & A Missing Piece Of Me

It’s Thursday ~ so I have a new original MINI painting to share ~ it is my joy to have a mini painting in process in the studio each week ~ a little emotion, a little gift. I release my original mini painting each week on Thursday mornings (and sometimes another mini original during the week) ~ I […]

Featured Artist: Ste...

Featured Artist: Stephanie Dyer of Beyond Words Designs

I’m honored to feature the work of Stephanie Dyer ~ a mother of 5 ~ an artist and wife. Stephanie focuses on Celebrations of motherhood and Tributes to loss ~ her work is thought-provoking, warm and flowing. Stephanie’s lovely customized work is truly Beyond Words, so I will leave you with samples of her work. […]