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The process of a pai...

The process of an original painting is wild. The conception in sketch form, the birth onto canvas, the forming and developing, the awkward stages, the creation and destruction of elements, the hope, the glimpses of finished faces, the excitement of seeing things come together… the finishing touches. The completed piece… …and the fact that I *could […]

We Must Believe ~ Wi...

We Must Believe ~ Wild Tenderness Part 2 Begins! Father’s Day

The Wild Tenderness Collection, PART TWO, is in process!! Before I started painting motherhood I drew and painted whimsical multitudes of animals and birds… then I became a mother… you know the rest. I’m bringing these two subjects, whimsical animals and mother-love, together for the Wild Tenderness Collection. Part One of this Collection was released […]

New Art Collection &

New Art Collection & SOUL DEEP, inspired by my father

Happy New Year! I have 3 special paintings to share.   1) My New Collection of Paintings In Process (what shall I name this collection? If you suggest a name that I choose, I’ll send you a free collection of mini prints of these paintings). 2) SOUL DEEP ~ inspired by my father 1) Before […]

Big Changes For KmBe...

It’s a fresh new season, and I find myself re-inventing. The feeling is absolutely invigorating, like jitters-in-my-innards-exciting. I’m working on several new things… But most importantly, I’m re-inventing my print offerings. I want to make choices that are BETTER FOR YOU. Easier framing, less confusion in the long run. Happier Collectors. I’ve been offering 8×10 […]