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We Must Believe ~ Wi...

We Must Believe ~ Wild Tenderness Part 2 Begins! Father’s Day

The Wild Tenderness Collection, PART TWO, is in process!! Before I started painting motherhood I drew and painted whimsical multitudes of animals and birds… then I became a mother… you know the rest. I’m bringing these two subjects, whimsical animals and mother-love, together for the Wild Tenderness Collection. Part One of this Collection was released […]

New Art Collection &

New Art Collection & SOUL DEEP, inspired by my father

Happy New Year! I have 3 special paintings to share.   1) My New Collection of Paintings In Process (what shall I name this collection? If you suggest a name that I choose, I’ll send you a free collection of mini prints of these paintings). 2) SOUL DEEP ~ inspired by my father 1) Before […]

Big Changes For KmBe...

It’s a fresh new season, and I find myself re-inventing. The feeling is absolutely invigorating, like jitters-in-my-innards-exciting. I’m working on several new things… But most importantly, I’m re-inventing my print offerings. I want to make choices that are BETTER FOR YOU. Easier framing, less confusion in the long run. Happier Collectors. I’ve been offering 8×10 […]