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Sparkle: Particles o...

Sparkle: Particles of Love ~ Early Inspirations ~ A Journey

There are aspects of my paintings that make them true creations of my heart. Elements & techniques I remember discovering, that grew from solo quiet time with my canvases in my studio, and my ah-ha moments. ALL of the elements of my painting style grew from my hours of paint and solitude, sprinkled generously with music and […]

Sweetness Beyond Sor...

Sweetness Beyond Sorrow & Mothering With A Heavy Heart (Silent Story)

I have two special somethings to share with you today: New Work: Sweetness Beyond Sorrow Silent Story, Mothering With A Heavy Heart ~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 1) Sweetness Beyond Sorrow ~Sweet joy and relief on the other side of a storm. I wanted to capture a magical connection here, as if the new baby previously knew his/her mama, […]