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Take A Moment: Too M...

Take A Moment: Too Many Toys… and a new mini painting

Let’s talk toys… Do they clog your living room and strangle the entryway? Do you find them behind the toilet and under the dining room table? What about in the car? I believe, in general, children have WAY TOO MUCH. When my kids were toddlers, I often felt I couldn’t breathe, even though my boys didn’t […]

introducing the New ...

introducing the New Mama Welcome Pack!

I’m happy to introduce to you the New Mama Welcome Pack! For this LOVELY package I have contributed a printable illustrated quote that can be framed ~ along with the contributions of 60+ other artists, writers, bloggers and other creative women. Contributions including videos, audios, articles, ebooks, printables, artwork and more. See the whole shebang […]