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the 100th painting i...

the 100th painting in the ECC ~ Unlike Any Other ~ small moments

I can’t believe it’s time to release the 100th painting in the ECC! I started the Everyday Connection Collection (ECC) in November of 2013 (this is the largest of approximately 7 collections, see them all, here), and have released an original mini painting almost every Thursday morning, since. With this collection, my intention is to capture the […]

introducing the New ...

introducing the New Mama Welcome Pack!

I’m happy to introduce to you the New Mama Welcome Pack! For this LOVELY package I have contributed a printable illustrated quote that can be framed ~ along with the contributions of 60+ other artists, writers, bloggers and other creative women. Contributions including videos, audios, articles, ebooks, printables, artwork and more. See the whole shebang […]