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Brand New Collage Pr...

Brand New Collage Print of 4 Motherhood Paintings ~ Free Telesummit

Over the past couple weeks I have created 4 new paintings inspired by an early composition/design, the first three originals have sold and I have now put them all four together into an awesome 12×12″ frame-able collage print. The fourth painting is titled Trust In Kindness, if you are interested in owning her (she’s 6×6″ […]

new mini painting ~ ...

new mini painting ~ Pleasant Optimism & Clear Warm Light

It’s Thursday ~ so I have a new original MINI painting to share ~ it is my joy to have a mini painting in process in the studio each week ~ a little emotion, a little gift. I release my original mini painting each week on Thursday mornings (and sometimes another mini original during the week) ~ I […]

Inner SuperHeros

Inner SuperHeros

a short blog: inserting a pondering into a sea of chatter Inner SuperHeros Recently I asked my growing and gorgeous community on Facebook: What is YOUR superpower? I love the responses. “I make milk” is a common and true response. Oh, to be able to produce the food from within, that is the best food […]