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All Is Well & Someth

All Is Well & Something Beautiful

Two new 8×8 paintings have joined the 85 8x8s collection, All Is Well and Something Beautiful. Thursdays are becoming a natural release date for 8x8s, find more posted next Thursday! Learn more: https://www.kmberggren.com/portfolio-85-85.htm Something Beautiful:…Simply sweet, simply pure, innocent, inquisitive, fresh and beautiful… All Is Well: Lately, I’ve been relating stories to my 4 1/2 […]

Moving Into Spring

Moving Into Spring

In general, I love to freeze time – to stop it in its tracks with one elegant moment. This day, I am thinking movement, confidence, glee and swinging hips – could it be the music or that it is the first day of Spring? I’ve begun two new 16×20″ paintings (left) the one on the […]