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Mini Paintings being...

Mini Paintings being released this week – update on Painting On Purpose!

This week I have released FOUR mini 4×4″ paintings on paper so far. One each day since Monday and there are still two to come… I’m so excited about these one-of-a-kind original paintings on heavyweight acid-free paper ~ the outer edge size is 6×6”. I am losing myself in them and am thinking of them […]

Painting On Purpose ...

Painting On Purpose ~ Food For Orphans

It’s time to start the second painting in the Painting On Purpose Project. Painting On Purpose (POP)Β is a project inspired by my sweet Grandma Neva who turned Β 92 on the day the first POP painting was released: February 6, 2015. I am currently working on the 2nd POP painting, to be released February 6, 2016Β ~ […]