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Happy Thanksgiving! ...

Happy Thanksgiving! Cling is the Final Giclee Release for November

Happy Thanksgiving! Today and every day I, personally, am infinitely thankful for the kind, generous and inspiring people that I have had the opportunity to meet through being an artist and a mother. Thank You. Cling is today’s Signed ~ Numbered ~ Archival ~ Limited Edition Giclee, the FINAL Giclee release for November. See Cling […]

Charms in Progress –

Charms in Progress – 1st Giclee Tomorrow Morning – December Plans

Good evening! Stand-by, the first Giclee release is TOMORROW MORNING!! Stay tuned to the Giclee page in the Online Esy Shop if you’d like to grab one! (PSSSTTTT…. it’s Linger) ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Today, my boys and I were playing at the park ~ goofing off and channelling Superman from the swings… a Daddy and his (cutest […]