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an Update! Painting ...

an Update! Painting On Purpose, Wonder ~ new babywearing painting

I have more progress to share of the 3rd Annual Painting On Purpose (POP) painting! Her name is WONDER – she is a 24×24” original painting on canvas. There is still A LOT of progress to make 🙂   The PURPOSE for the Painting On Purpose project is to give ALL of the proceeds from the sale […]

Smelling The Flowers...

Smelling The Flowers & Gift Certificates

Good Morning! A quick reminder that it is not too late to get Mama a Gift Certificate so she can choose her own lovely motherhood moments. And! Introducing, Smelling The Flowers ~ a brand new 8×10″ original painting for the Everyday Connection Collection. May she inspire YOU to stop and smell the flowers today. The wisteria […]

Wrap Your Baby ~ Wra...

Wrap Your Baby ~ Wrap up a special gift for your favorite mama! ~ autographed hardbound motherhood art book

Rich intimate moments for a mother to treasure Moments with Messages, volume 1 ~ a Glossy hardbound motherhood art book ~ autographed ~ and featuring 29 of the 4×4 chunky acrylic paintings. Snag Your Copy of this Autographed Hardbound Book Right Here! for just $27.99 See all of the 4×4 Paintings in the Moments With Message Collection […]