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You Are Safe Now ~ W...

You Are Safe Now ~ Wild Tenderness Part 2 ~ Chicken Toddlers

Good grief, what a week – I’m fostering 3 adorable chicken toddlers, and I had no idea how distracting they would be! I’m constantly checking (they are safe in my tiny fenced garden) to make sure they have enough water and weeds to chomp on, and I spend too much time just watching them. Witnessing […]

We Must Believe ~ Wi...

We Must Believe ~ Wild Tenderness Part 2 Begins! Father’s Day

The Wild Tenderness Collection, PART TWO, is in process!! Before I started painting motherhood I drew and painted whimsical multitudes of animals and birds… then I became a mother… you know the rest. I’m bringing these two subjects, whimsical animals and mother-love, together for the Wild Tenderness Collection. Part One of this Collection was released […]