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Choose Art That Make...

Choose Art That Makes YOU Feel… 2 New Mini Paintings

I LOVE talking with mothers through email, facebook and instagram. Often I hear them fall in love with a piece, but worry that the hair color isn’t right, or that the mama in the painting doesn’t look enough like themselves… Here is what I encourage and celebrate: Choose Art that makes YOU feel something ~ you […]

Vibrant New Mini Mot...

Vibrant New Mini Motherhood Painting ~ Update on POP & MMP

This week’s  brand new original mini painting is called Splendid ~ It’s just Splendid the way a mama can balance warmth and coolness, dark and light, peace and turmoil… all the while managing to keep her face (mostly) toward the sun, her bundle protected in her arms, and her smile (most of the time). This original painting is currently […]

New Tandem Breastfee...

New Tandem Breastfeeding Painting ~ Mindful Mothering Project donation update

I’m SO excited to announce the completion of the 11th painting in the Mindful Mothering Project ~ Sunshine On My Shoulders (Makes Me Happy). I LOVE this new piece!! She was inspired by a photo submitted by Amanda ~ and she is my FIRST Tandem Breastfeeding painting ~ learn more about this brand new original 12×12″ […]